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Miniature Wedding Dresses - The Heirloom Keepsake

A Miniature Wedding Gown Replica is a miniature dress in 1:6 Scale that is displayed on a doll or on a dress form/mannequin. It resembles your wedding dress and makes a wonderful keepsake. It can be a lovely Bridal Shower Gift or a Wedding Gift for the Bride. A Miniature Veil, Bouquet, Tiara/Hairband are also included.

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Frame Your Wedding Dress In Miniature

After your wedding, instead of storing your wedding dress in a box where it is hidden forever, display it in a Shadow Box Frame. We create miniatures of your wedding dress/ celebrity dress/ royalty dress that can be displayed in a Frame. These frames can be placed right in your living room to be admired.

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Bridal Shower Centerpiece and Wedding Centerpieces

Miniature Replicas are lovely gifts for the Bride to be. They are 1/6 Scale miniature bridal gowns placed on a mannequin of your choice.

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To get your custom outfit/miniature started, please click on the 'Request a Free Quote' button here. You could also send an email to belafabrica@gmail.com along with the photographs of your outfit, and you will receive a reply within 12 hours.

Why Women Love Our Miniatures

A lady has been dreaming of her wedding dress ever since she was a little girl. She finally gets to wear it on her 'Wedding Day'

But what happens after that day? is it stored away in a box somewhere? Sold? Donated?

We make those wedding dresses in Miniature so that they can be treasured forever.

♥Our miniatures are handmade to order with great care. Click to see all our previous completed work here →

BelaFabrica ships Worldwide!

$Miniature dress prices starting from $50 USD

    Unique Best Friend Wedding Gift Frame Of Wedding Dress For Shadow Box 1by6 Scale Miniature


    Karen made a replica of my wedding dress for a shadow box and it is amazing! I am so impressed with the attention to detail. I absolutely love it and so do all of my friends. It's such an awesome idea - instead of keeping your dress hid away in a bag/box - you are able to view it every day! Thank you Karen, it has been such pleasure.

    Sherri Izaguirre Florida, USA Shadow Box Frame displaying a miniature wedding dress January 20, 2018

    Gift your Wife the perfect Anniversary Gift this year

    The wedding dress is the most important dress ever worn by a woman.

    Gift her a miniature of her wedding dress which would be a lovely keepsake for years to come.

    Each miniature can be created in almost any style, color or fabric making it the ultimate romantic wedding or anniversary gift. 


    What Else Do We Do?

    Miniature Wedding Bouquets

    Miniature Bouquets are custom made miniatures in 1:6 Scale according to the pictures provided by the customer. These miniature bouquets resemble the Bridal bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquets, and other wedding flowers.

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    Wedding Gown Cake Topper for Bridal Showers and Weddings

    A replica of your wedding dress can be placed right on top of your cake. These miniatures are in 1:12 Scale and are Custom made according to your specifications.

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    Miniature Male Costume Replicas

    Miniature Male Costume Replicas mostly comprise of Tuxedos and Suits in miniature, Army Uniforms and Special occasion outfits worn by males. They also include Traditional outfits worn by a man belonging to a certain region or country; Vintage Clothing and Ancient male costumes.

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    Miniature Celebrity Outfits and fashion Doll Clothing

    Miniature Celebrity Outfits are replicas of dresses worn by famous people throughout history. They also include miniatures of Vintage Clothing and Special Occasion Dresses (i.e. a dress you might have worn before and would like a miniature of it. e.g Prom dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Quinceanera Dress)

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    What to Know More About Our Process?

    Click on the button here to see how we carry out our Design Process

    Miniature Bridal Jewelry for Fashion Dolls Handmade Keepsake Replica Gift Custom Made

    Miniature Bridal Jewelry Replica for Fashion Dolls

    BelaFabrica creates replicas of Bridal jewelry or any Special occasion jewellery for 1:6 scale dolls and mannequins.

    Miniature Flower Girl Dress Replicas

    Miniature Flower Girl Dress Replicas resemble the dress your Flower Girl wore at your wedding. Miniature First Holy Communion dresses also fall into this category.

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    The dress was exactly as I requested and the attention to detail is spectacular! I displayed it at my bridal shower to rave reviews, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to other brides as a great keepsake and a wonderful way to remember your dress once the big day is over.

    TAYLOR FISHBURN CALIFORNIA, USA Bridal Shower Centerpiece. Keepsake for the Bride November 25, 2015

    Miniature Wedding Gowns for every Bride 

    Hey, beautiful Brides to Be. You don't need to wait for someone to gift you this beautiful Keepsake. We know you can do that for yourself. 

    Preserve your wedding dress even after your Big day by turning it into a Miniature! 

    Every 'Bride To Be' would get a discount of 10% on your order.


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    Our Miniatures are Loved By

    • Brides
    • Just Engaged Couples(men who want to surprise their bride on her wedding day)
    • Newly Wed Couples (a perfect Honeymoon Gift for your wife)
    • Husbands(an Anniversary gift for the wife/ A Christmas Gift for your wife/ A Birthday Gift for your wife)
    • Mother of the Bride(a lovely wedding gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law on her big day)
    • Best Friend of the Bride (the perfect wedding day gift for your friend)
    • Daughters (The Best Mothers Day Gift)
    • Married women (Who love to gift themselves something special to remember their special day)