Bride’s Gift to herself..A Keepsake Miniature Wedding dress in a Shadow Box

Sherri’s wedding was supposed to occur Sept. 9th, on the beach in Florida. Unfortunately, that was the day Hurricane Irma came blowing through. So her wedding was moved to another day. She had purchased a lovely wedding dress but wasn’t able to wear it because of the hurricane.

Few days after, she decided to get a miniature of her wedding dress to be placed in a Shadow Box. That’s when she contacted me and we started the miniature. A few weeks later, after a lot of photos being exchanged and details discussed, the miniature was finally complete.

Frame Of Wedding Dress For Shadow Box 1:6 Scale Miniature

Here is a photo that Sherri sent me of the miniature being displayed along with the other wedding decorations. So colorful and pretty!!

Unique Best Friend Wedding Gift Frame Of Wedding Dress For Shadow Box 1by6 Scale Miniature


She did wear her wedding dress a couple of months after and it was a great wedding 🙂

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