Each dress is priced individually depending on the style and complexity of the dress and whether worn with or without a veil and headdress. All of these factors will be taken into consideration when quoting a cost.

After reviewing your photos and corresponding about dress details, labor for gown features including style, lace application, and beadwork is calculated.  Other accessories such as veils, bouquets, and head wreaths are optional.  Generally, a replica gown will be $50-$300.

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Karen has done an awesome job on my vow renewal gown. Next she’ll be doing my tiara, veil, and bouquet! Here soon I will most likely have a few more barbie size dresses to make for my daughter as well. I can’t wait to get everything together for the vow renewal outfit and take photos and put on here showing them in a display case. Great job Karen! God bless you dear!

I wanted to add on here of the wonderful work that Karen has done on the veil, tiara, and the bouquet from my vow renewal. I can’t wait to get everything here from being shipped and then get the barbie all dolled up and in the case and take pictures of the final outcome and will share those with Karen on here. Trust me when I say that if you want quality work for something so precious and beautiful then Karen is the person to talk to. She knows what she’s doing.

JAIME BLYTHE DELAWARE, USA 10 Year Marriage Vow Renewal Gown and accessories April 2, 2018

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