Step 1: The customer sends an email to with the photos of the dress and accessories she wants in miniature.

Step 2: Karen will reply to the email and give the customer an estimate.

Step 3: Further discussion between the customer and Karen regarding the fabric, color, etc. takes place via email.

Step 4: Customer pays the Deposit via Paypal or Credit Card.

Step 5: Karen starts working on the miniature replica. 

Step 6: Photos of the dress-in-progress are clicked during the production time and sent to the customer.  

Step 7: The customer looks at the pictures and lets Karen know if there are any changes that need to be done. 

Step 8: Final photos of the completed dress and accessories are sent to the customer.

Step 9: The Customer sends her final approval.

Step 10: The Customer sends the rest of the payment via Paypal or Credit card. 

Step 11: The dress is packed and shipped the next day.

A tracking number along with the shipping details are sent to the customer. 

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