Lovely Stories from Our Customers

Parents Gift To Their Daughter On Her Wedding Day

Soula(Mother-of-the-Bride) decided to gift her daughter Christine(Bride-to-be), a Miniature of her wedding dress on her Wedding Day!!
Soula told me that her husband gave their daughter a Holiday…Read more

Honeymoon Surprise Gift For Wife

Joseph decided to surprise his wife after returning from their honeymoon with a Unique gift.
He had been working with me for a month to make…Read more

The Best Wedding Gift for the Bride

Gift the Bride the most precious gift that would bring her to tears.
Miniature Replicas of wedding dresses are wonderful keepsakes for years to come. These…Read more

Bride’s Gift to herself..A Keepsake Miniature Wedding dress in a Shadow Box

Sherri’s wedding was supposed to occur Sept. 9th, on the beach in Florida. Unfortunately, that was the day Hurricane Irma came blowing through. So her wedding was moved to another…Read more

A Unique Best Friend Wedding Gift

Gift your Best friend a miniature of her wedding dress right before her wedding. You are certainly the best friend she will love forever.

~~~Why Women…Read more

One Year Anniversary Gift for your wife

Gift your wife a Miniature of her wedding dress.
The wedding dress is the most important dress ever worn by a woman. We make those dresses…Read more

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